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Kathrein's Remote Electrical Tilt System

Lately network planning and base stations design are becoming more complicated. When more base stations take place and more operators are getting into the cellular market, the ability to optimize your cellular network quickly is most important.

Optimization can be done be adjusting the antennas down tilt. Kathrein base station antennas are equipped with Remote Electrical Tilt System (RET) that controls the electric tilt of the antenna. Like other devices, the RET system is based on AISG protocol.

Kathrein has developed a device which allows you to connect to the antennas RETs and perform a quick first installation, maintenance and helps you save time when doing so.

Kathrein Antenna Line Configurator (ALC) is the best way to control your AISG powered devices. Down tilt adjustments can be done by far or by connecting the ALC directly to the AISG bus.

The ALC offers the following options:

  • All AISG compatible ALDs (RET and TMA) can be configured easily.
  • The ALC distinguishes between initial installation and maintenance.
  • Simple installation wizard and a very friendly application.

Additional ALC features:

  • Battery powered.
  • Touch screen graphic display.
  • Robust aluminum housing.
  • Requires no software installation on laptop or PC.
  • Create and saves report files.
  • WLAN interface for control with laptop, tablet PC or Smartphone using a standard web browser.
  • Parallel operation of display and Web browser.
  • Tilt sensor for mechanical alignment of the antenna.
  • Voltage display on AISG bus.

For more information click here to download Kathrein RET brochure

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