ESB – ECO model site


Kathrein Delivers Eight Millionth Antenna for Mobile Communication


Kathrein’s Pioneering K-BOW System in a Live Test


Kathrein’s ALD – Antenna Line Device


ESB – ECO model site

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ECO MODEL SITE: the most advanced solution to make easier the MNO sites acquisition and lease renegotiations.
Improved Site Installations: Kathrein is pleased to announce a new way of mounting Antenna Line Devices in an invisible and optimized way. Pre-configured based on the individual Mobile Network Operators strategic design for an optimized quality and cost-effective radio network.
Kathrein presents its innovative system solution K-BOW now in operation.
The system allows the provision of high quality flexible and demand-orientated capacity communication within buildings, and it saves energy.

Kathrein recently delivered its eight millionth base station antenna.
Due to the extremely high demand on the market, the ten million mark is already in sight.


Radar Rotary Joints - Contactless Data Transmission

Spinner_push_pull_adaptors Spinner New EasyDoc solution is now available...
We are pleased to announce that a new Site Sharing Adapter is  released - P/N 86010154. This new product is planned to be available in the 1st quater of 2014.
Kathrein is pleased to announce the introduction of its new GPS Azimuth Adjustment Tool, type number 86010157. This tool provides a very precise GPS based, wireless and easy to handle solution for azimuth adjustment of antennas on site.