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Solutions For Installation

FIMO's Cable Clamps  FIMO's Cable Clamps
Fimo's cable clams are Easy to install, easy to fasten, all made of stainless steal and desiged to fit for any cable thickness


Snap in cable clamps are also available:

FIMO's CGK - Compact Grounding Kit  FIMO's CGK - Compact Grounding Kit
For copper or Aluminum RF coaxial cable you may use Fimo's CGK grounding kit.

Tecnical features:

  • compact structure
  • Fast and easy installaion
  • No loose parts
  • lightning Tested (CESI)
  • Low contact resistance - <1mOhm
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No extra tapping needed


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FIMO's UEK - Universal Earthning Kit  FIMO's UEK - Universal Earthning Kit
Fimo's universal earthning kits are mostly used for coaxial cables and wave guides. Fimo's earthning kits are easy to handle, safe and quick to mount.

Tecnical features:

  • Temperature range: -50°C - +80°C
  • Contact resistance: <1mOhm
  • lightning Protected
  • WaterPfoof
FIMO's Round Wall Entries  FIMO's Round Wall Entries
Round wall entries are useful for get a single cable thru the wall. Easy to install and very elegant. The Round diameter can be adjust by adding special round reduction. Of course, this wall entry is IP67 waterproof.

FIMO's Rectangular Wall Entries  FIMO's Rectangular Wall Entries
Rectangular wall entries are very useful. This is an elegant way to get your cable thru the wall.

Fimo's wall entries main features are:

  • IP67 Watherproof
  • REI 120 Fire resistant
  • EN 1366-3:2009 Fire resistant
  • Large choise for combinable cushions
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Rapid sealing - 3 screws only

FIMO's Cold Shrink  FIMO's Cold Shrink
Available in all kinds of sizes:   ½” - ½”,  ½” - ¼”, ¼” - ¼”, ½” - 1.5/8", ½” - ⅞", ⅞" - ⅞" and more...
FIMO's Elliptical And Rectangular Waveguides Installation Solutions   FIMO's Elliptical And Rectangular Waveguides Installation Solutions