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Kathrein KBow – The Ultimate Indoor Mobile Broadband Solution

Micro C-RAN - The need for a new intelligent solution

The dynamics of our business and personal lives are changing, fuelled by virtualization and cloud services that require ubiquitous internet access, not only in our offices and homes, but also across public places such as train stations, airports, hotels and entertainment venues. With about 80% of mobile traffic already consumed indoors, it is clear that higher capacity and more efficient data communications solutions will be required to support in-building services in the future.






Flexibility to manage dynamics

K-BOW gives you fast response times to end-customers. As your enterprise customer wants to move from one floor to another or needs a service upgrade for more mobile broadband capacity in its executive floors, K-BOW Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can:

  • Remotely run independent single or multioperator strategy based on a single platform which is compatible with OEM base station solutions.
  • Remotely change the capacity by sectorization in a defined area in real time.
  • Remotely optimize the coverage and capacity within a building or campus.
  • Remotely provide macro layer end-user experience by using the system integrated LTE MIMO.
  • Remotely activate adjacent services (smallcells, sensor networks or WiFi access points) by using transparent IP channels available at the RU with up to 700 Mbps.
  • Eliminate costly system leveling activities of installation teams with automatic calibration.
  • Eliminate access to premises in order to add new carriers or introduce MIMO, just manage remotely from Network Operations Center.

Kathrein K-BOW features a number of innovative optimization options that enable MNOs to increase the signal quality across entire building structures and outdoor areas by controlling each sector output power per band, individually and with very high granularity.

KBow Remote Unit

Improved end-user experience

Kathrein K-BOW supports multi-operator connectivity and offers the opportunity to target dedicated MNO signals at dedicated sectors in specific areas in a building or area.

In traditional systems, a signal cocktail of all connected bands and carriers is transmitted over a distributed antenna arm. With Kathrein’s unique K-BOW power saving options, selected bands and carriers can be switched on and off per small cell sector. This feature, for example, enables MNOs to switch on the 1800MHz base signal overnight to provide basic coverage throughout a building and switch off the remaining small cell amplifiers. This feature saves up to 50% of the DAS power in the night-time option.

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