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Kathrein’s Pioneering K-BOW System in a Live Test

Kathrein presents its innovative system solution K-BOW now in operation. The system allows the provision of high quality flexible and demand-orientated capacity communication within buildings, and it saves energy. Thus providing the intelligent solution to the problem of weak radio signals in buildings. At the company's headquarters in Rosenheim, the company has set up a test centre in which mobile operators, network equipment suppliers and building owners can experience the efficiency of the system with a live demonstration. Three German mobile network operators are supporting the practical tests by connections into their live networks.

Presented at the Mobile World Congress in February 2014, the Micro C-RAN system bridges the gap between established network architectures and future required infrastructure: it meets the increasing requirements of data supply in buildings and is designed in a way that it can easily be adapted to future needs.

The solution can dynamically provide capacity in areas of the building where they are in fact actually and currently used. Mobile service providers can thus flexibly adapt their networks to customer requirements in buildings and react quickly to changes in user behaviour. K-BOW is multi-operator, multi-band and has multi-standard capability, and already supports LTE MIMO in its standard release. In addition to the high degree of flexibility, substantial cost saving is a further advantage as the installation and maintenance costs are low. Moreover, the energy cost of the entire system compared to the solutions currently available on the market can decrease by up to 50 percent.


In the test centre, prospective customers experience the benefits first-hand. Experts from Kathrein can show, for example, that the solution is remotely controlled over a network monitoring centre so that the capacity can be increased or decreased in a building as desired without any difficulty. What’s more, the showroom allows clear illustration of how simple it is to install the system or to make changes to the configuration.


“K-BOW is now a reality”, Dr Michael Weber, CTO of the Kathrein Group emphasises the importance of the test centre. “Due to our high system and solution expertise, we were able to develop K-BOW within a very short time”. Torsten Wulff, Executive Director of the Kathrein Filter Division that developed K-BOW, adds: "For the first time we can demonstrate the advantages of K-BOW to mobile operators, network equipment manufacturers and to building owners, and we can illustrate why our system is better than conventional solutions. The interest in K-BOW is very high. The start of series production is planned for the first half of the year 2015".


The K-BOW system as a pioneering solution gives an answer to the question of how to deal with the exploding data rates in mobile communication. More than 80% of mobile data traffic occurs now within buildings. In addition to offices, shops, hotels and private households it is also about public places such as airports and train stations. In order to meet the future demand, more efficient data communication solutions with higher capacity are required. The new network standard LTE enables these high data rates and will be expanded worldwide on radio masts, but indoors there are always tighter restrictions. The antenna systems distributed up until now (Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS) are static and offer no flexibility to adjust the capacity of the network or adapt the requirements without great cost. K-BOW is countering this and offers customers unrivaled configuration scenarios.

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