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Aluma Innovative Technologies Solutions Ltd founded in 2009. We believe that in order to give you, our customers, the best solutions we must think as we were customers ourselves. Our team is highly experienced, with more than three decades, within the Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Infrastructure, Consumer, Cellular, Security and Defense markets. Aluma ITS combines this knowledge with its cutting edge suppliers in order to bring you the best solutions for your projects.

As for today, Aluma ITS represents top quality manufacturers within the communication field. Among them you may find Ericsson, Spinner GmbH, Fimo and more… Our experience combines with these manufacturers gives our customers one stop shop for all their telecom needs.


Mr. Baitel has over 40 years of experience in the military and Hi-Tech telecom field. Within Haim’s main projects arsenal you may find designing and building RF chambers, Antennas manufacture and more.

Mr. Haim Baitel

Engineering & Operations Director



Mr. Arazi has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales within the electronic components and RF field. Elior holds a B.A. degree (management and economics) from the Open University.

Mr. Elior Arazi

Marketing, Sales & Business Development Director

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