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Fiber Optics Rotary Joints

Hybrid glass fiber slip rings for the transmission of analogue or digital optical signals with data rates up to 10GB. Singlemode or multimode fibers for single or multi-channel transmission. Customized and combined power and signal versions possible.

Electrical Specifications
Number of rings: 2-80
Nominal current: 5-10A per ring
Max. Working voltage: 440VAC/DC
Voltage withstand: ≥500V @50Hz
Electrical noise: max 10mΩ
Isolation resistance:
≥1000 MΩ @ 500 VDC

Mechanical Specifications
1-12 optical fibers
Rotation speed:
0-1000 rpm
Contact material:
Cable length: freely definable,
Standard: 300mm (rotor/stator)
Casing material: aluminium
Protection class: IP51 (higher on request)
Working temperature: -30°C – +80°C

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