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Fiber Optics Rotary Joints

Fiber-optic rotary joints (FORJs) in particular require exacting optical and mechanical manufacture. And we ideally meets these requirements. We provide all of the mechanical and optical parts in top quality from a single source. All fiber-optic components are assembled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom environment and 100% tested.

We also supply combinations of fiber optic rotary joints with radio frequency (RF) rotary joints, contactless power transmission modules, slip rings, multi-media joints and contactless data transmission. Our specialties also include integrated data and power transmission solutions with a small form factor.

we builds fiber-optic rotary joints available up to 109 channels and any fiber type (single-mode, multi-mode or thick-core). The rotary joints transmit signals with low insertion loss, high return loss values, guarantee data transmission at high speeds and/or in EMI/EMC-sensitive environments.

It is available in single-mode, multi-mode, and mixed-fiber mode configurations.

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